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ONOS - Introduction

ONOS provides the control plane for a software-defined network (SDN), managing network components, such as switches and links, and running software programs or modules to provide communication services to end hosts and neighboring networks. ONOS applications and use cases often consist of customized communication routing, management, or monitoring services for software-defined networks. ONOS can run as a distributed system across multiple servers…

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OpenDaylight - Introduction

OpenDaylight is a modular open platform for customizing and automating networks of any size and scale. The OpenDaylight Project arose out of the SDN movement, with a clear focus on network programmability. The core of the OpenDaylight platform is the Model-Driven Service Abstraction Layer (MD-SAL). In OpenDaylight, underlying network devices and network applications are all represented as objects, or models, whose interactions are processed within the SAL.