March 27, 2020

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50 Covid-19 Open Source Projects

50 Covid-19 Open Source Projects

Covid-19 has already become a major problem for everyone, for every country around the globe. It is a modern-time large-scale pandemic. Many parts of this world are currently in the middle of the fight to stop/limit spread of the virus and to minimize the resulting damage.

While there are still many uncertainties about how to mitigate the desease, many efforts have been initiated to accelerate drug finding, to contain the spread, to treat the patients, to establish better tools, etc. And this also happens at global scale involving government officials, volunteers, doctors, engineers, ordinary people..

In the following we list 50+ notable open source projects / repositories related to Covid-19, which might help kickstarting/ accelerating our effort.

Hopefully we can overcome this soon.

Update 04.04.2020, the list now contains 75 projects. Although the list could contain some repos for building ventilators and face shields, I made a dedicated list for that purpose. Access the list of Open Source Ventilator and Face Shield Projects here.

AaronWard/covid-19-analysis Covidify - corona virus report generation for python
aatishb/covid Tracking Coronavirus Growth
ahmadawais/corona-cli Track the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) or the Novel Coronavirus Strain in the command line. Both worldwide for all countries, for one country, or for the US States. Fast response time (< 100ms).
AliasIO/wappalyzer Cross-platform utility that uncovers the technologies used on websites.
beoutbreakprepared/nCoV2019 Location for summaries and analysis of data related to n-CoV 2019, first reported in Wuhan, China
BlankerL/DXY-COVID-19-Data 2019
bneiluj/covid-19-open-source-ventilators List of all Covid-19 Open Source Ventilator initiatives
BustByte/coronastatus Join the fight! Open source webapp that let people report their health status to get overview of COVID-19
closedloop-ai/cv19index COVID-19 Vulnerability Index
CodeForPhilly/chime COVID-19 Hospital Impact Model for Epidemics
coronasafe/care Care is a single point to link Hospitals, Corona Care Centers and Volunteers to the unified Corona Safe Network so that the Kerala Chief Ministers Office has direct access to live reports of health data v/s our total. healthcare capacity
coronasafe/ A crowd-sourced guide to staying safe in Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak.
COVID-19-electronic-health-system/Corona-tracker A web application promoting accurate COVID-19 guidelines and tracking user symptoms
covid-19-net/covid-19-community Community effort to build a Neo4j Knowledge Graph (KG) that links heterogeneous data about COVID-19
covid19-dash/covid-dashboard Help welcomed if you have expertise in public health web technology, data modeling and munging, or visualization.
covid19-data/covid19-data COVID-19 workflows and datasets.
covid19india/covid19india-react Source code of main website
covidatlas/coronadatascraper COVID-19 Coronavirus data scraped from government and curated data sources.
CSSEGISandData/COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases, provided by JHU CSSE
cwoomi/cert-covid19 Informationssammlung zum Thema CoVid-19
daenuprobst/covid19-cases-switzerland Data from BAG Tweets made useful.
DataScienceResearchPeru/covid-19_latinoamerica Daily report of cases confirmed per country in Latin America by DSRP and volunteers that we appreciate. Also we’re incorporating new variables (health infraestructure, weather, economic). Don’t forget to tap Star
datasets/covid-19 Novel Coronavirus 2019 time series data on cases
deepset-ai/COVID-QA API & Webapp to answer questions about COVID-19. Using NLP (Question Answering) and trusted, curated data sources.
dsfsi/covid19za COVID 19 Data and Dashboard for South Africa
echen102/COVID-19-TweetIDs The repository contains an ongoing collection of tweets IDs associated with the novel coronavirus COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2), which commenced on January 28, 2020.
elcronos/COVID-19 COVID-19 Detector from x-rays using Computer Vision and Deep Learning
ExpDev07/coronavirus-tracker-api A simple and fast (< 200ms) API for tracking the global coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak. It’s written in python using the Flask framework.
FoldingAtHome/coronavirus Folding@home COVID-19 efforts
galaxyproject/SARS-CoV-2 Initial analysis of COVID-19 data using Galaxy, BioConda and public research infrastructures
geohot/corona Reverse engineering SARS-CoV-2
github/covid19-dashboard A site that displays up to date COVID-19 stats, powered by fastpages.
globalcitizen/2019-wuhan-coronavirus-data 2019 Wuhan Coronavirus data (2019-nCoV)
hev-sw/hev-sw Rapidly-producible ventilator developed with CERN and collaborating institutes for the COVID-19 pandemic
ieee8023/covid-chestxray-dataset We are building an open database of COVID-19 cases with chest X-ray or CT images.
ImperialCollegeLondon/covid19model Code for modelling estimated deaths and cases for COVID19.
Inspire-Poli-USP/Inspire-OpenLung An another [IN PROGRESS] open source, low cost, low resource, quick deployment ventilator design that utilizes a Ambu-bag as a core component. ‘War’ against COVID-19
iTaysonLab/gorkiy JaDX decompile of com.askgps.personaltrackercore (Moscow COVID-19 person tracker). Note that I’m NOT related to the development of this app.
J535D165/CoronaWatchNL RIVM reported numbers on the Coronavirus outbreak in The Netherlands
karpathy/covid-sanity Aspires to help the influx of bioRxiv / medRxiv papers on COVID-19
Lewuathe/COVID19-SIR COVID-19 SIR model estimation
lindawangg/COVID-Net COVID-Net model for COVID-19 detection on COVIDx dataset
mathdroid/covid-19-api COVID-19 global data (from JHU CSSE for now) as-a-service
mattroconnor/deep_learning_coronavirus_cure Using deep learning to generate novel molecules as candidates for binding with coronavirus protease
MhdHejazi/CoronaTracker Coronavirus tracker app for iOS & macOS with maps & charts
midas-network/COVID-19 2019 novel coronavirus repository
mitmath/6S083 Materials for MIT 6.S083 / 18.S190: Computational thinking with Julia + application to the COVID-19 pandemic
neherlab/covid19_scenarios Models of COVID-19 outbreak trajectories and hospital demand
neherlab/covid19_scenarios_data Data preprocessing scripts and preprocessed data storage for COVID-19 Scenarios project
nextstrain/ncov Nextstrain build for novel coronavirus (nCoV)
NovelCOVID/API API for Current cases and more stuff about COVID-19 or the Novel Coronavirus Strain
nytimes/covid-19-data An ongoing repository of data on coronavirus cases and deaths in the U.S.
open-covid-19/data Crowd-sourced COVID-19 data
openZH/covid_19 COVID19 case numbers Cantons of Switzerland and Principality of Liechtenstein (FL) - case numbers include persons tested in the respective area. The data is updated at best once a day (times of collection and update may vary). Start with the README! Help closing the gaps:
oscarhealth/covid19-testing COVID-19 Testing Site Finder with Risk Assessment
paulvangentcom/python_corona_simulation An agent-based simulation of corona and other viruses in python
pennsignals/chime COVID-19 Hospital Impact Model for Epidemics
pomber/covid19 JSON time-series of coronavirus cases (confirmed, deaths and recovered) per country - updated daily
popsolutions/openventilator OpenSource Ventilator for the COVID-19 crisis. We aim to provide a cheap and reliable solution for respiratory deseas and inaccesibility to this kind of ventilation medical equipment
PubInv/covid19-vent-list A list projects to make emergency ventilators in response to COVID-19, focusing on free-libre open source
rizmaulana/kotlin-mvvm-covid19 This repository contains simple COVID19 data monitoring with android stack MVVM, Live Data, Koin, RxJava, RxBinding, Offline first with simple caching, etc
sagarkarira/coronavirus-tracker-cli Track conronavirus cases from command line. curl
someshkar/covid19india-cluster :microscope: COVID19 India Cluster Network
soroushchehresa/awesome-coronavirus Useful projects and resources for COVID-19 (2019 novel Coronavirus)
sorxrob/covid-3d An interactive 3D visualization of COVID-19.
splunk/corona_virus This project includes an app that allows users to visualize and analyze information about COVID-19 using data made publicly-available by Johns Hopkins University. For more information on legal disclaimers, please see the README.
stevenliuyi/covid19 an interactive, animated COVID-19 coronavirus map to track the outbreak over time by country and by region for selected countries (including China, Italy, Korea, Japan, France, Germany, United States)
TahirHafeez/SukhSaans Open Source Pandemic Mechanical Ventilator using Ambu Bag & Arduino #Covid-19
ThisIsIsaac/COVID-19_Korea_Dataset COVID-19 Korea Dataset & Comprehensive Medical Dataset & visualizer
twiecki/covid19 Analyses about the COVID-19 virus
UCSD-AI4H/COVID-CT COVID-CT-Dataset: A CT Scan Dataset about COVID-19
virtual-biohackathons/covid-19-bh20 COVID-19 Biohackathon April 5-11 2020
WarenGonzaga/covid19-tracker-cli A curl-based command line tracker for Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic. It Supports terminal for linux and macos, command prompt for windows, and termux for android with real-time updates. curl -L
willhaslett/covid-19-growth Daily COVID-19 epidemiological data, piped into friendly Pandas dataframes, functions for dataset construction
Yu-Group/covid19-severity-prediction Covid-19 severity prediction at the county-level + hospital-level.
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