April 2, 2020

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Open Source Ventilator and Face Shield Projects

Open Source Ventilator and Face Shield Projects

In fight against Covid-19, there are currently many issues to be solved in the frontline (i.e. hospitals). Avaliable space is everywhere very limited. And so is the healthcare personals and their most needed logistics and proper tools/ equipment to protect themselves from infection.

In the following we list some open source projects for emergency ventilator and face shield (or generally PPE - Personal Protective Equipment), which can be built locally in a DIY-style or perhaps (somehow) organized by a local task force nearby the frontlines. At the end of the list I’ve added some repositories related to (low cost) development of PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) devices.

Ventilator Projects

0x2b3bfa0/simple-emergency-ventilator COVID-19 emergency ventilator designed to use the minimum possible amount of electromechanical elements
acme-iot/super-simple-ventilator ESP8266 / ESP32 ventilator based on https://github.com/jcl5m1/ventilator. Version 0.0.1 of this project has a basic/optional LED display and adjusts to a range of ventilation breathing cycles. Ventilator cycles between a range of breathing cycles as shown on the display
AmboVent/AmboVent AmboVent 1690.108 Automatic, Controlled Resuscitator Device, Emergency ventilation alternative system, Global Partnership for the Greater good, Leading Open Source Code Mentality Initiative
auenkind/YACoVV Yet Another (SARS-)CoV(-2)Ventilator
bneiluj/covid-19-open-source-ventilators List of all Covid-19 Open Source Ventilator initiatives
CraigBurden/bvm-ventilator Open-source Bag Valve Mask (BVM) based ventilator
CSSALTlab/Open_Source_Ventilator Open source for use worldwide and contributions from others worldwide
dinhduongha/AmboVent AmboVent 1690.108 ESP32
DIY-Beatmungsgerat/diy-beatmungsgeraet CPAP Beatmungsgert selbst gebaut - basierend auf einem Open Source und Open Hardware Entwurf
eabase/low-resource-ambu-bag-ventilor Low resource Ambu-Bag ventilator. This project was jumpstarted by the COVID-19 global pandemic as a result of community discussion on a facebook group called Open Source COVID19 I created this GitLab project. More specifically in a discussion surrounding low cost AmbuBag based emergency respirators wherein to prior solutions were developed.
ermtl/Open-Source-Ventilator Complete control software for an emergency medical ventilator.
Evidlo/ventilator Ventilator Monitor Prototype
hev-sw/hev-sw Rapidly-producible ventilator developed with CERN and collaborating institutes for the COVID-19 pandemic
imranmatin23/Fi-Ventilator-Project Arduino code to control ventilator. Designed and engineered by Fi-Ventilator team.
Inspire-Poli-USP/Inspire-OpenLung An another [IN PROGRESS] open source, low cost, low resource, quick deployment ventilator design that utilizes a Ambu-bag as a core component. ‘War’ against COVID-19
jawher-Mansour/MedTronic-Ventilator Open Source Ventilator from Medtronic Medtronic-PB-560
jcl5m1/ventilator Low-Cost Open Source Ventilator or PAPR
jkoberg/splitvent Ventilator Design
jps2000/Cuirass-Ventilator This is a DIY cuirass ventilator that uses a vacuum cleaner solid state relay and arduino nano to support ventilation without intubation
KabukiStarship/SickBay Open-source emergency medical equipment, SickBay app, and Gravity Hookah Ventilator design files and firmware for the Pandemic Cookbook.
Mayoogh/Project-DIY-Ventilator An Open-source ventilator which can be reproduced with easily available components.This ventilator can supply uninterrupted mechanical ventilation for patients.This device is compatible with Ambu bag / self inflating bag
mhollfelder/openvent This repository contains generic information about open-source ventilator applications.
nvarcha/spe-respirator Automatic Bag Valve Ventilator - An open-source pandemic respirator project
OpenVentilator/OpenVentilator BVM based open ventilator design. The open ventilator project was created in response to the demand for respirator created by the COVID-19 epidemic. The aim of the project is to create respiratory support device that can be quickly and easily produced with locally sourced material. The device is not a replacement for for respirators but in the event of a shortage of ventilators, these devices can provide support to patients that would otherwise not have any.
openventilatorregistry/OpenVentilatorRegistry The main repository for the Open Ventilator Registry project.
PangoDesignTeam/Munich-Ventilator-Build-Group How can we build as many Open Source Ventilators as possible. What Design best suits sourcing and functional needs. What do we need to develop ourselves that isn’t available in current solutions
popsolutions/openventilator OpenSource Ventilator for the COVID-19 crisis. We aim to provide a cheap and reliable solution for respiratory deseas and inaccesibility to this kind of ventilation medical equipment
PubInv/covid19-vent-list A list projects to make emergency ventilators in response to COVID-19, focusing on free-libre open source
RespiradorHacker/Projeto-EAR-Celso EAR - Emergency Automatic Respirator This project was born because of CoVid19 pandemic. The project Goal is to provide an emergency ventilator system to help CoVid19 serious cases using locally available resources. This is an OPEN HARDWARE - OPEN SOURCE PROJECT. The target is to run an entire ventilation system using an automotive car battery and an O2 can. The initial project leader is Celso Ken Mori Monteiro, automotive designer with +30 yrs experience on automotive embedded systems as OEM designer for customers as GM, Ford, VW, Fiat, Mercedes Benz, Scania, Navistar, Marcopolo, Agco…
rljacobson/medtronic-pb560 Medtronic PB560 Ventilator System design files
scaleworkspace/covid19 Scale Workspace Response to COVID19; Scale Workspace, Robert Forbes 3D, Entrescan and the New Curiosity Shop have been working on the initiatives to assist with the local response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
SgtMilk/SFInnovation This is a copy of all the documents submitted to the Code Life Ventilator Challenge from Montreal’s General Hospital.
TahirHafeez/SukhSaans Open Source Pandemic Mechanical Ventilator using Ambu Bag & Arduino #Covid-19
VJ-INSPIRE/Open-Bio-Ventilation-system Ventilation is the process of bringing fresh air into the alveoli and removing the stale air. It maintains the concentration gradient of carbon dioxide and oxygen between the alveoli and the blood in the capillaries

Face Shield Projects

alfonso/covid19-fast-kirishield Kirigami Shield to be used as a face mask. The only operation needed is cutting. Even manually. Trimmable in both sides
aon3d/covid-face-shield Models, designs, and documentation for COVID-19 Face Shields
CleverLittleMaker/CLMFaceShield Open Source CNC-based Face Shield for protecting medical personnel
DoESLiverpool/covid19 A location for our PPE (face visor, and other?) help during the COVID-19 pandemic
FAB619/Protection-Mask–COVID-19 3D printed Protection mask. for tunisian doctors and medical srtaff. A prototype face shield that we developed. In three days, we went through dozens of prototypes and many verifications with doctors and experts.
FabLabUChile/fabuchile-face-shield face shield to protect nurses and doctors that treats covid-19 patients.
GliaX/faceshield Face shield personal protective equipment (PPE)
hzeller/prusa-covid19-shield-remix MakerNexus mods to Prusa Face Shield after consulting local healthcare providers
j3ffgray/covid19-hardware-resources An ongoing list of resources, 3D-printable parts, sewing plans, and efforts to help bring more PPE to the healthcare frontline.
JHale716/ShieldsUpNZ Repository of 3D print files and instructions to facilitate production of face shields for medical purposes
madmaxbr5/faceshield Plans and instructions for a laser-cut face shield for COVID-19 PPE
MakersAsylumIndia/Covid-19 Design files for three versions of FACE SHIELDS that we’re making at the Maker’s Asylum
marcteys/ECOvid-FaceShield Economy Protective Face Shield: Little filament and fast to print
MKme/face-shield Open Source Face Shield for Covid-19 that can be 3D printed and face shield can easily be cut on K40 or similar common 40 watt laser cutter.
rljacobson/COVID-19 Needed materials to manufacture PPE and other medical supplies for healthcare workers to fight COVID-19.
santosomar/covid19-ppe PPE 3D printing and Laser Cutting to help fight COVID-19
seanmtracey/PPE-Visor-Fabrication-Instructions Resources and instructions for printing a PPE face visor.
UIC-Makerspace/FaceShield A laser cuttable face shield for healthcare workers facing shortages

PCR Projects

chaibio/chaipcr The software behind Chai’s open-source Real-Time PCR instrument
GenericLab/WildOpenPCR Derivate of the OpenPCR Project
jperfetto/OpenPCR Open Thermocycler Implementation
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