February 26, 2020

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Introducing Repo Collection + Search Features

Introducing Repo Collection + Search Features

Since many years ago I regularly check for and bookmark interesting open source repositories, mostly at GitHub. Two weeks ago I finally succeeded putting this collection as part of this site and made it searchable. In the past it was sometimes hard to find a specific repo due to limited search feature.

Update 2020-03-24 after some experiments to find optimal bandwidth utilization, repo collection is moved to separate subdomain repo (https://repo.telematika.org). Search function is avaiable directly at https://repo.telematika.org/search .

Repo Section

Repo collection is put as section, reachable at path repo i.e. telematika.org/repo. This collection will be updated regularly as I find new interesting repos.

To ease repo discovery, search feature is implemented. This is a static client-side search, thus it shall be quite fast. The index file is currently using a combination of repo name, title and description. For the near future, it is planned to include content of the README file. Repo search is available at path searchrepo i.e. telematika.org/searchrepo.

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