November 20, 2020

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Autonomous Self-Driving Vehicle Projects

Autonomous Self-Driving Vehicle Projects

Autonomous (self-driving) vehicle is, without doubt, one of favorite applications from so many Artificial Intelligence (AI) domains.
The main enabler of this autonomous vehicles is the combination of sensor technology, predictive AI and computer vision / imaging technology. From data delivered by various sensors, a 3D environment model around the vehicle is constructed. Then, the AI part processes all the information to respond accordingly, so that the vehicle moves safely. All sub-systems has to be working in concert with very short information delays.

In the list below, we highlight 20+ interesting repositories, which share their autonomous / self-driving vehicle projects, spanning from simulations to prototypes.

ApolloAuto/apollo An open autonomous driving platform
bastulli/AutoCarJetsonNano PyTorch Python Neural Network Autonomous 1/10 Car for Nvidia Jetson Nano
bethesirius/ChosunTruck Euro Truck Simulator 2 autonomous driving solution
carla-simulator/carla Open-source simulator for autonomous driving research.
cmu-db/noisepage Self-Driving Database Management System from Carnegie Mellon University
commaai/comma10k 10k crowdsourced images for training segnets
commaai/comma2k19 A driving dataset for the development and validation of fused pose estimators and mapping algorithms
commaai/openpilot open source driving agent
cpnota/autonomous-learning-library A PyTorch library for building deep reinforcement learning agents.
felipessalvatore/self_driving_pi_car A deep neural network based self-driving car, that combines Lego Mindstorms NXT with the computational power of a Raspberry Pi 3.
generalized-intelligence/GAAS Generalized Aviation: Open source autonomous aviation software platform, designed for fully autonomous drones and flying cars.
HKUST-Aerial-Robotics/Stereo-RCNN Code for ‘Stereo R-CNN based 3D Object Detection for Autonomous Driving’ (CVPR 2019)
ikergarcia1996/Self-Driving-Car-in-Video-Games A deep neural network that learns to drive in video games
microsoft/AirSim Open source simulator for autonomous vehicles built on Unreal Engine / Unity, from Microsoft AI & Research
NVIDIA-AI-IOT/jetracer An autonomous AI racecar using NVIDIA Jetson Nano
qiaoxu123/Self-Driving-Cars Coursera Open Courses from University of Toronto
ragu-manjegowda/self-driving-car Udacity Self-Driving Car Nano Degree
streamlit/demo-self-driving Streamlit app demonstrating an image browser for the Udacity self-driving-car dataset with realtime object detection using YOLO.
tatsuyah/vehicle-detection Vehicle detection using machine learning and computer vision techniques for Udacity’s Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree.
udacity/self-driving-car The Udacity open source self-driving car project
udacity/self-driving-car-sim A self-driving car simulator built with Unity
Vinohith/Self_Driving_Car_specialization Assignments and notes for the Self Driving Cars course offered by University of Toronto on Coursera
vojtamolda/autodrome Framework and OpenAI Gym Environment for Autonomous Vehicle Development
zhm-real/MotionPlanning Motion planning algorithms commonly used on autonomous vehicles. (path planning + path tracking)
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